You are caught, caught
scattered apart
a simple smile
You said, you said
All loneliness turns out
in the end
Always you knew
when time heals
you will feel cruel
Scrape 'til it's smooth
Polish it down
to nothing to lose
Sun's time glints
in ruthless ultrablue
All of a sudden
coincidence loves you



Guileless girly rosy motor
command your tired princess power
bashful mercenary, laughing innocently
anything you do will make them happy
Entropy curves down its hidden stairway
dragging all of us behind
pale pale pale stars in the background
of the faded bluewash sky
You tear up my heart, you shred it
but you're worth it, like wings are worth it
I hold you like a poison apple
like radium glowing in secret
Parthenogenic ruse, recombining muse
viper greenling peacock bruise
you give me all that I refuse
Fall, fall asleep, all put back together
skeletons inside a living picture
Tell the truth to honesty
never say what you will throw away
Tired sirens, tricky liars
repulsing magnet coil
I feel every way about you
lowly, understandable
Cave corkscrewing narrow down
Deep sharp rock red lava blame
Shrinking shrinking shrink away
from your blank imploded lunascape




Fresh and concrete sidewalk, grimy street
Met you at the station
to give you back your keys
On a bright grey day
Now the sight of you
hurrying in the rain
belongs to just anyone
See you someday
Watched you from a distance
striding stubbornness
You could be so wrong
but you'll never give an inch
You're my fading familiar
isolated, self-created
With a perfect chill
when it's the oppposite
of how you need to be
See you someday
glad I didn't make that mistake
see you someday I'll regret
the choice that I made
and you''ll give me that look
with your naked sunspot eyes
and you be healed over
into someone new
a witness, protected
relocated, reinvented
Who would ever want you
Whole world, say I do


Drag It

Unify the elements
one by one
Subract the stars, subtract the sun
until we're all that's left
You rode back into town
in a cloud of probability
I heard that you had drowned
but you hadn't
I want to tie a rope
around the past
and drag it back
Maybe if a photon
has two choices
It takes both
because it can
And the interference pattern
is all we understand
Sifting through the memories
and choices made
I like the way the sun's rays
reflect off your face
Don't think you're just one man
in just one place
Lean into me so I can hear you better
Now is just as good as never




She tells herself she can't stop
'til she can't stop anymore
Longing, the root of everything
Inside the hurricane, watching
Urgency chasing
Fanning the fire
She says reaper time's a criminal
infirmary a charnel house
The cold sky is blue ether
dripping slowly down
She's followed you
from birth to regret
watched you waste your
effortless magnificence
and she was scared she was scared
of what she had never done
Living leaves love and the hell of



Is it a shower of falling stars
or wasted lemming meteors
that transfixes us
While we spend these last days
circling the parking lot
our limbo lost, but not for long
because we'll build a new city
wherever we end up
maybe this time we hope
Shooting the flares higher
then watching them fall
like frozen sparrows
off a wire



All Lyrics ©2001 Christina Wedertz