for a short time in the mid 90’s i was working with anthony guest and james garrison on a project that never really got a name. we went through a bunch of singers and for a while karl sang. during that time we called it snout. these two songs are from sessions we did at my studio.
after snout karl and i worked on a tape project. these are two songs from those sessions.
this song is solo prepared acoustic guitar. it was recorded live in the studio and not altered or enhanced electronically in any manner.
these are two songs i recorded when i first was messing with digital recording. they were recorded using the four track first version of vision audio and then later imported into pro tools free and reedited. the dat master had some corruption but the sound of it fits the material in a weird way.
i like these songs but they never really fit anywhere
for a while i was in a band called dreambeach with pipa pinon, daniel lewis, anthony guest and gary regina. we started to record a cd with justin mayer but blew up in the studio. such is life. most of it was not finished but we managed to mix these songs before it fell apart
i was working for a while with philip lampe who has a project called repeatpeak. we called the project flutterinversion. we giged up in boston once but mainly just jammed. eventualy philip got tired of my less than ambitious ways and we stopped working together. these are a few selections from those jams. they were recorded directly to dat and are a little rough but i think they have some interesting moments.